Should I be alarmed at Temp reading?

So I am trying to figure out if I should be alarmed about this or not

I use a program called Game Booster to improve gaming loads/fps etc..the newest one has Temp readings for cpu/ram said my CPU is at 79C(174F) which obviously is high

But then HWMonitor and other programs/gadgets etc say the following

CPU: 25C idle, 50C MAX

Core #0 30C-32C idle, 55C Max(full load)
Core #1 34-36C idle, 61C Max(full load)

Now what I think is happening is the Game Booster temp is combining the 2 core temps together and reading as 79C over all, cause for alarm or just the programs way of reading it?

The computer feels cool when idle, slightly warm under full load but not really warm or is AC'd, plenty of ventilation and just cleaned the inside of case/fans 3 days ago

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ Brisbane btw
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  1. Third party software is often wrong! What does BIOS report?
  2. I would expect a program called "game booster" to monitor graphics card temps too.

    Are you sure you weren't looking at you GPU temps rather than CPU temps?

    79C is kind of high for a GPU, but within spec for most.
  3. Bios reports, after about two hours being in use, not full load, 38C

    Also, HWMointor after being under full load for a while reported Min Value: 0C, Max: 120C, as much as I would be thrilled for my CPU to run at 0C, 120C is alarming, obviously the program glitched/is wrong though as the current temp right after exiting a full load was at 47C

    It had GPU temp on the Game Booster as well, the GPU was running at 81C full load, which is pretty typical for that card. Everything is stock, no OC at all, I believe its just the programs being inaccurate, especially after seeing 0C/120C
  4. Believe what BIOS sees. I use Core temp and it I had to set a 15° offset to get it to read right, that is same as BIOS.
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