Mini-stuttering in games

I've been running my custom system for about 10 months now, without any problems whatsoever. Games would run smoothly (primarily Starcraft II, Dota II, Counter Strike: Source). Recently, I had to transport my desktop, and in the transportation process, the bag my desktop was in got shaken up some and my PC wouldn't boot. I then disassembled and breadboarded and got it working again before I put it back in the case. Now, my machine seems to run fine, but when I try to play games I get a very short stutter every few seconds when playing. It lasts only milliseconds (yet happens every few seconds), but it's really frustrating. I wonder if I damaged something when trying to put everything back in the case.

My laptop used to have a worse stuttering problem, but I believe it was due to overheating in that case. Here on my PC however, HWINFO and Speccy both report temps that seem fine. My CPU is about 60-70C max, and GPU seems to be around 50-65C (I think these temps are fine). I don't think that points to overheating. When I opened the side of my case, I touched the video card and it seemed to be hot (as expected), but the temps don't lie, so I guess that rules out overheating (correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think frames are a problem at all.

I'm not sure if there's an issue with the video card, CPU, motherboard or RAM. I ran the Win7 builtin memory diagnostic and seems that everything is fine with the memory. I get this lag even when I set SC2 on the lowest settings (I am normally able to run it with no problem at all on High/Ultra). All drivers are the same as they were 3 days ago, when all my games were running great, so I doubt that's an issue.

Could you guys please offer some advice as to what might be the issue here?

My specs are as follows:

AMD 965 Black 3.4ghz CPU
Asus M5A88-V EVO Mobo
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Samsung MZ-7PC064D/AM 60GB SSD
OCZ 600MXSP 600w PSU
12gb PNY XLR8 1600mhz RAM
XFX Radeon 6870HD GPU

Thanks in advance,
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  1. some ideas:

    run check disk and defrag your HDD (Do NOT do this to the SSD)
    turn off your AV program when in the game.
  2. I'm currently at work, but I'll try that when I get home. Do you really think that over the span of 3 days of not using my computer during transport and such that the disk now needs to be defragmented or checked and could be screwing up my games? It's not like it's been accumulating more material or becoming more fragmented over that duration. As I said before, it was fine before I disassembled and reassembled.
  3. This didn't help :( Thanks for trying, though.
  4. you might try to kill some back ground tasks. I hear this is a good program for that:
  5. So if you built this yourself with an ASUS mobo, I assume you still have the integrated graphics port that came with it, yes? Have you tried running your games using the Asus's native graphics ports? You may need to uninstall the aftermarket GPU driver and reinstall the basic driver that came with the mobo. This will at least help you troubleshoot whether your aftermarket GPU is an issue.
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