How do capture cards work?

I want to record my gameplay on the computer it self. I look into all these capture cards and it seems like they are all for recording TV / Xbox / PS3 ect.

I tried fraps but that cuts my game fps from 150 down to 20. I was hoping some kind of hardware would do the recording for me so I wont see perfomance diffrence while I play the game and record at same time. thank you
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  1. software capture is the way to go unfortunately. The reason that FRAPS usually slows down your computer while you are gaming is because it has a lot of work to do in real time, namely writing the recorded video to the hard drive uncompressed. It's not something which you can easily work around without upgrading your computer or tweaking FRAPS
  2. Well I a whole diffrent HDD that just has fraps on it and it records to that drive. rest of my computer is on a diffrent drive
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