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I5 3570K load temps hitting 90 degrees with stock cooler

I just installed 3570K with arctic solver 5 and stock cooler on asrock z77 extreme4 mobo yesterday. I noticed (using realtemp, coretemp) that the idle temps of the cores are around 44 degrees. using prime 95 torture test, they go up to 95 degrees within 5 minutes. Any guess what is wrong? I made sure that the stock cooler is properly installed and the thermal paste covers the whole CPU surface.

I contacted intel via chat - they are saying this software is not supported and the temps I am hitting is perfectly normal under load since I am not letting it to cool down under stress test.

I am a little confused because I have been reading all over the internet that stock cooler is fine if you dont overclock and the load temps should be at most around 70 to 80 degrees.
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  1. Seems very high, I agree. Sometimes the temps reported by software can be inaccurate though. Can you check the CPU idle temp in BIOS? This is normally a good reference to work from.
  2. bios showing temps around 38 degrees.
    I re-applied the thermal paste (with a lot more than pea size now!) and prime95 hitting around 79 to 85 degrees after 8 minutes.
  3. More thermal paste is not always a good thing...

    Anyhow, the stock Intel cooler is known to be relatively poor. How good is your case cooling?
  4. case cooling is not good at all.... only one cooling fan at the back - was planning to get a better one soon. If I keep the side panel open, prime 95 hit 78 max after 10 minutes, so it may be with the case.
  5. Should I get a hyper 212 Evo ? I was thinking of not upgrading the case to Rosewill CHALLENGER
    for a few months...
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    Better case cooling is always good, but an aftermarket CPU cooler may be the best solution for now.
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