Display manager windows 7

The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by driver. Version of enabled graphics update ATI graphics use
Display Manager. This is what my computer is telling me. thank you rabbiswift @hotmail.com
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  1. Larry, please edit your original post to remove you e-mail address. Otherwise, you will get SPAMmed into oblivion.

    Second, what ATI/AMD video adapter are you using (make/model)?
  2. ATI recommends that a CCC and matching driver package be installed at the same time.

    Follow their uninstall instructions to remove both and then after a restart, download and reinstall a new package, making sure it matches the model of your card. Either the ATI site or your card manufacturers site will supply the software.

    PS edit your posting and REMOVE your email address as stated above
  3. HDMI was bad on my tower
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