How much is my old PC worth?

Hi all-
I'm looking to build a new computer to replace my current one that I built a few years backs. I'm jus curious to see how much you guys think it's worth, thanks for any input.
Specs are as follows
Thermaltake M9 Case (I think that's it)
Athlon II X3 440 processor clocked at 3.6GH.
Hyper 212+ Heatsink
Gigabyte 870GM something or other. Ha one graphics card slot
Nvidia GTX 260 768mb super locked
8 GB g skill sniper RAM 1600mhz
Regular old disk drive
500 gb western digital black 7200rpm
Windows 7 ultimate
Ultra 600w power supply

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  1. If you give me $50.00 I'll take it away and bury it in a landfill for you...
  2. it would be moderately hard to sell the whole build, but selling the ram, gpu sorta, hdd and heatsink(only if its still clean) should be moderately easy
  3. A complete PC rarely sells for what it is worth.

    Your best bet is to keep the parts you want to reuse and sell the remaining parts individually on e-bay.

    To find out what the parts are worth, go to e-bay and search for the part.
    Then filter by used and completed auctions.
    In green will be the actual selling price.
  4. Rule of Thumb - Take your build cost and then subtract 10% .... then 5% for each month of age for 6 months (60% value at this point) ... then 10% for every 6 months thereafter.

    For $1,000 Build

    1 Day Old - $900
    1 Month Old - $850
    6 Months Old - $600
    1 Year Old - $500
    2 Years Old - $300
    3 years Old - $100
  5. 200 is my guess maybe more if you get lucky anyone that knows anything wont buy it but as a mid low gaming system it's not horrible. Poor 260 GTX was awsome in its day, got one sitting on my shelf now right beside an 8800GTX :(

  6. 200-250, if you're lucky.
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