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ok so i just got a radeon 6670, i know still pretty low end but my psu runs it and the performance specs is way over my gt 430, and this is my first radeon card. so as most people would i started testing it with a few games, and in skyrim it has a strange kind of stutter, decent fps but it has a constant very noticeable slow down every few seconds. any recommendations for fixes or settings? any help would be much appreciated :-)
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  1. Have you tried overclocking it any just to see if that would make a difference , you could also overclock the cpu and again it's just to see if it makes any difference so you can see if there is something wrong with the card or that your components don't match up performance wise with the card.
    What are the components of your computer?
  2. Need your specs

  3. as you can see my cpu is already overclocked, and i pretty much oced the vid card through afterburner as soon as i popped it in. 4gb ram stock 9-9 timings
  4. also i didnt oc the vidcard to the max, just a little tweaking to make it slightly stronger
    stock setting 810 core clock and 1000 memory clock upped to 875 and 1075.

    i just restarted the computer and the color is all messed up now, corrected the best i could with a gamma adjustment, also according to amddownloader i have the best driver for the card

    update: i seen how a lot of people said the disk drivers where junk, so i skipped it and went straight to the amddriver downloader, but after uninstalling everything it installed and went with the disk installation, the color is fixed but still having the stuttering problem
  5. Question 1: Does this stuttering occur in any other game/application if so then which?

    Question 2: Have you tried setting your CPU and GPU to stock settings and then looking for the stuttering?
  6. In addition to the above how much VRAM and Main RAM?
  7. i have 4gb system ram and its 1gb vram. i have tried the card at stock settings, but not the cpu, although the cpu has been stable at this clock for some time and there where no issues with the gt 430 with the cpu settings. it also occurs slightly in modern warfare 3, though not as much. i've even set the display options lower in both and it still happens ps modern warfare 3 and skyrim are the most graphically advanced games i have and they are the only it has happened in, but i have yet to try the darkness 2 and borderlands. prototype and mass effect 3 check out ok also its gddr5 and 128 bit idk if that makes a difference though
  8. I'm guessing your problem is due to the low bandwidth of your video cards memory bus.

    What resolution do you play at?
  9. 1280x1024
  10. Playing at such a low's hard to say. However I still think you are running into GPU memory bandwidth problems.

    Try running the game again - except this time run it with GPU-Z running in the background, and see what kind of load you get on your GPU (you will have to alt+tab).
  11. i am getting a 99 and 100% load after creating as much in game graphic activity as i possibly can

    the gt 430 i was using is also 1gb 128bit but ddr3. also according to both site vendors, gt 430 has a 25-28gb per sec bandwidth while the 6670 has 64gb/s bandwidth
  12. Do you have a friend with a more powerful card? Ask if you can borrow it.

    I'm guessing that GPU is just too weak to drive the game properly.
  13. unfortunately i do not. think i just got a bad card? because all the specs are over my previous card and it ran it just fine, allthough at lower fps, it did not stutter the way the new one does
  14. Did you install the Skyrim High resolution texture pack when you changed from your old GPU to the new one? That could definately cause problems...
  15. One more thing - have you tried using driver sweeper and re-installing the drivers? Sometimes remnants of the driver get left over.
  16. no i havent. do you have any change recommendations to the card settings? they're all on default
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    Try turning off any AA and AF settings, take off triple buffering, try using VSync on and off and try the game with each option. Try turning Mipmap detail down.

    Also try sliding your 3D quality setting down to low.
  18. well i've got everything fixed for the most part, but there is one thing bugging the dog sh*t out of me. the disk drivers arent compatible with all the extra settings in the amd download, and with the amd download i can get desktop colors fairly normal but when i go to play a game in it, the colors are just as dark and it is impossible to get good colors through any other settings. does anyone know of a way to fix the very dark colors?
    i've also concluded that the problem is within the display driver itself. if i use the disk display driver, then when i go to use the extra options it says no amd video driver detected
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  20. It may be worth getting the second newest drivers from the AMD website. I know for the 5870 cards the latest have a bug in some games. 12.1 is the second newest.

    win vista/7 64 bit drivers archive
  21. lol i just tried it and same dark color issue i was thinking about trying a few more to see if i can get good color :-)
  22. Very strange, What kind of screen and how is it connected?
  23. its a kds xflat. connected through dvi adapter. after tring the 3rd newest driver it still does the same, and im sure its the display driver itself because if i uninstall it alone then my colors return to normal
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