Psu and graphics card!!!!!!!!!

hello, lets say my gpu has 2 x 6pin power conectors and my psu only has 1 x 6 pin connectors and 3 peripherals.
and since my psu is more than enough for sustain that card, my question is: can i connect the gpu using the 6 pin pcie that comes
out from the psu and use one 6 x 2 4pin molex to connect the other socket of the video card to the peripherals?
heres the links to the psu and video cards in case you guys wanna see em. thank you.
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  1. The card comes with the molex to six pin connector cable and that's what it's for , so that people that have power supplies with one or none of the six pin connectors they can use the cable adaptors that come with the card.
  2. That's what the adaptor is for....
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