AEROCOOL Strike-X GT & Z77 Extreme4 MOBO

The Actual case is 29.5CM from Left to the HDD Bays & The mobo I'm wanting to get is 21.8CM sideways , since the Size of this motherboard Is rather weird compared to the standard 24.4CM on other ATX boards , Will this motherboard still be compatible to fit in the case. And will the airflow be ok knowing this case Is a "Small-Mid" Tower?

ALSO I'm planning to have a Hyper212 cooler on my CPU which will disallow my Side-Case fans. Will that be a problem at all? I'm guessing the Hyper212's Cooling system is the only one that matters and the side-fans aren't THAT important?

Thanks in advance
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  1. sidefans often lose out to Cpu coolers, I don't see it being a problem,
    the 212 is about 159mm high
    and as long as the mobo is Atx or M-Atx the screwholes will line up fine,
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