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I have a gateway fx 6800-01e that the hard drive "Hard drives 750GB, 7,200 rpm" is out. can i use the hard drive out of an hp p6310y "Hard drives 1TB, 7,200rpm" in it? are they compatible? thanks for any help you can give on this.
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  1. Yes, i am assuming they are SATA (has the red cable), if so they they are compatible.
  2. yes they are both SATA. but i wanted to be sure they are compatible cause the hp works fine but i would like to use the motherboard and i7 processor thats in the gateway vs the motherboard and AMD Athlon II X4 630 processor. would you think it would be worth the trouble to switch the stuff out?
  3. You will need a new version of windows, everything else would be fine.
  4. thanks for all your help Jay. that was my next question due to the gateway is running vista and the hp has 7. im a shadetree comp worker so "I will have to install windows 7 and or some from of windows version to be able to run the pc?"
  5. The windows already on the hard drive will only work with that motherboard, you have to install a fresh copy of windows (as there is a completely different hardware config).
  6. do you think it would be worth it? will i see a noticeable change with the intel i7-920 over the AMD Athlon II X4 630 quad? I have no problem playing battlefield 3 on high settings due to i have beefed up the HP system with a blackwidow 850w power supply and nvidia gtx 570 and 8 g DDR3. again ty for your help.
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    There won't be much difference in gaming.
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  9. actually in multiplayer bf3 you probably will notice a nice boost.

    You may or may not be able to use the HP Win7 , until the next time genuine advantage runs its check at least. Win7 is pretty good at detecting new hardware.
    If not, you will be able to install the gateway Vista to the HP drive as long as you have the disk(s)
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