Upgrade video card and psu for HP m8120n?

I want to upgrade the video card and psu. Can someone please tell me which ones are recommended for HP M8120N?
Thanks everyone!
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  1. I found your PC but what I didn't find is the PSU. I need that to recomend a nice GPU for you. But your PC has 2 cores so you will be limited to how big of a GPU you can go.

    Most store bought rigs come with a small PSU. On avg it is a 300w generic PSU. If it is that I beleive you can get into a 6670 if the amps on the 12v rail is high enough. Which in most cases they are.

    Now if you up grade the PSU then I believe the biggest card on AMD side would be the 6770 and a bif iffy 6850 depending on how big or core duo is. Now on the nVidia side would be the GTS 450.

    And maybe a iffy GTX550 Ti. I saw the other day a two core CPU run well with the GTX 550ti. So to be safe I would go with the GTS 450 or the AMD 6770 and up grade your PSU to either a 430w to 500w PSU.

    There is one thing I forgot to ask what is your budget? All the stuff I listed is priced. I hope this helps in some way and Good luck to you

    Your PC

    HD 6770

    GTS 450

    430w PSU

    500w PSU
  2. That's a good question. I'll have to open up my tower and have a look.
    Additional info: My system runs on Intel Core2 Quad CPU @ 2.4 GHz, Memory 3.00, and 32 bit operating system.
  3. Well that is even better news on the quad cores. Now that opens up more to choose from depending on your PSU. So when you get that info, you will see how much bigger in GPU's you can go.
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