Sapphire HD 6870 pixelating with new drivers.

Hey whats going on guys, Hopefully I can get some light shed on this issue. So here's how my story goes. I had just recently upgraded my os from Windows 7 Home Premium to Proffesional via complete reboot. I currenltly own the Sapphire HD 6870 card, not the flex or dirt edition, just the standard reference I guess it would be called. So after installing windows I obviously needed the drivers again to every component, I ventured to sapphires website and noticed a recent release of drivers March 9 2012. I was like sweet an update on drivers, well it didn't turn out so well, for one before the new drivers I was able to play SWTOR on the Highest resolution with no problems what so ever. After the new drivers I was pixelating really bad, to add to this Sapphire trixx did not allow me to OC the card like it did on the previous drivers. So no big deal right I downloaded the previous drivers and now I can play SWTOR on high again and I get Trixx access to OC my card. I was wondering if you guys are familiar with this issue or could it be my upgrade to windows proffesional. Anyway I play blacklight retribution and it warns me that my drivers are a year old. Is there any fix to this so that I am able to use the new drivers?
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  1. Uninstall the Sapphire version drivers, reboot, then go to AMD's site for the latest. (12.2) Problem solved.
  2. I had this problem too for some games, with my Flex 6870 Dirt Edition.
    But for me, it was more of a resolution problem, when I changed resoultion the pixel problem disappeared.
    I've used the Sapphire drivers and AMD drivers, but amd drivers worked better for me, I wasn't getting fps problems in Skyrim.
    But yeah, try using the AMD drivers
  3. So This didn't work fully. Trixx recognized it and gave me the ability to OC, but I was still pixelating on high settings. Anybody else got ideas.
  4. Yeah, try lowering the AA settings.
  5. I think the point might be getting overlooked here. I NEVER had to do that you before the new drivers.
  6. I am currently on the drivers released in January 2011 and I am running everything fine. The 12.2 drivers are pixelating. I don't think its the gpu physically, but a software flaw somewhere.
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