Why is this 1.5gb gtx580 more expensive than the 3gb version?

On newegg they have a 1.5gb gtx580 that costs more than a 3gb gtx580. Shouldn't the gtx 580 cost more? What am I missing?


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    the 3Gb is $499.99 the 1.5Gb is $439.99. $439.99 is less than $499.99 last time I checked.
  2. Weird I wrote this (last post) at the same time as bigmack and he saw different prices in the links to me, so maybe newegg are changing there prices at this moment and getting them mixed up themselves.
  3. Oh wow they did change prices. I refreshed the page for the 1.5gb version and the price showed 439.99. Sorry about that guys.
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