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Red light light [CPU] on motherboard

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September 6, 2012 7:08:06 PM

So I got my new nzxt Phantom case a couple of days ago and instantly went to move all the stuff over from my other case, plug in the PSU, Motherboard, CPU etc no problems all my disk drives are fine and ram was installed correctly HDDs were in too.

Powered it up after i finished assembling this all together and a big damn red light on the motherboard under CPU popped up, Checked all the power leads into the motherboard, got my screen attached but nothing shows up, no indication from beeps, Fans were running so was the Graphics card.

Looked at if there were any bended pins, there were none checked if the coolers power was on and the last time i used the computer it was working fine

Computer Specs:
Asus M5A99x EVO Motherboard
8gb of Corsair XMS3 Ram 1333hz
Cooler Master RS750
AMD Phenom ii x6 1050
[Edit]I also have a crappy water cooler from Antec, honestly can't remember what make it is and i don't have the box

Would Post pics but i don't have a camera with me :(  any suggestions/comments would be appreciated, Thanks

a c 150 à CPUs
a c 90 V Motherboard
September 6, 2012 8:41:54 PM

Did you forget to plug in the CPU Power connect fromt he power supply to the motherbd?
September 6, 2012 8:57:45 PM

Plugged in the cord for the cpu, its an 8pin so i just put 2 4 pins in that fit. although forgot that i was using bleeping regular screws so i put in some stand-offs made sure that they weren't crushing the board also

[Edit] Forgot to say that i still have the red light
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a c 150 à CPUs
a c 90 V Motherboard
September 7, 2012 2:39:35 AM

Time to take it all out of the case and breadboard it on the table and see if it still works.
September 7, 2012 10:51:14 AM

do you think that the motherboard is f'd? also i recently found that my reset button isn't functioning but my power button is, if that causes any problems a reply would be appreciated