4870 x2 drivers ( ccc )

I just put my old pc back together and got all my drivers installed. I installed the newest ccc i think its 12.3.. but when i restart my pc it wont auto start i have to click into the program to start. I have it all install right and i looked it up in the system config its on start up and everything. I went in to ccc and click ( preference ) enable system tray and it shows up but still not running till i click it. an another thing is when it does start i try and click invoke preset it only sets AA - AF not the max clocks or fan speeds i have to manually set those. somethings wrong i can feel it in my guts. any help would be great.


Mobo - k9n6pgm2-v2

Cpu - amd x2 250 3.105mhz 207x15

Ram - ocz reaper pc2 8500 1066 4gigs
5-5-5-15 2.1v T2

Gpu - 4870 x2 2gig ddr5

Psu - viotek 1000watt
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  1. CCC usually wants the newest version of .Net to be installed on your computer. If you don't have your PC set for automatic updates check to see if there's an update for .Net available.
  2. o ya now i remember. ok i just put windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on it does it have it already or do i have to install it still
  3. Go to your control panel, click on Windows update, and click Check for Updates. If you're on a windows domain with an update policy you may have to click on "Check Online for Updates from Microsoft Update". If you update it and it still give you problems you may have to download driver sweeper, uninstall the drivers, run driver sweeper to remove any trace settings, and re-install the drivers.
  4. ok ill try that and post back
  5. srry to keep asking you questions but i have to go to microsoft to get them but anyways should install NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable along with 2.0 sp1 & sp2? its been like 3-4 yrs sense iv had to do this
  6. Yeah, those pesky updates. They seem to have one for each version of the framework. Go ahead and install them. Generally CCC shouldn't start if the version it depends on is not installed, but I've seen it give me issues with slightly outdated versions before (though it's been a while :D).
  7. :( when i go to install any of the 3 NET frameworks it says error your operating system has this already installed, iv never done install on here so windows 7 ultimate 64 bit must come with it.. any other ideas?
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