Does NVIDIA have eyefinity, and can you do 3D eyefinity?!?! :)

Simple as that. I would spend a good $800 just to get eyefinity with 3d on all monitors. So, does NVIDIA have thier own version of "eyefinity" like AMD, and is triple monitor eyefinity 3D possible yet? I will be getting the GTX 680 on launch day, March 22nd or 3rd.
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  1. Nvidia is rumored to have surround 3d vision support w/ its keplar series.

    Considering the gtx 680 is 4 display capable and nvidia is already the best at 3d then ide say its going to be pretty sweet!!

    you might need more than one 680 tho...

    I have the new asus 27" 3d monitor and my one gtx 580 struggles on bf3 at utra settings in 3d w/ the one 1080p monitor, with a 900mhz over clock tho i get decent frames
  2. Yes, Nvidia does, it's called 3D Surround:

    I'd recommend just getting a single 3D monitor first and make sure you can enjoy 3D vision on a single monitor. If you were to go for 3D surround, you are going to need monitor performance to handle 3 monitor at 60 her per eye, and low frame rates with 3D is the leading cause of the headaches people complain about with 3D vision.

    As someone who easily feels motion sickness when gaming, I find that if you can have high FPS, I don't feel sick. The same goes for 3D vision.
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