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Where is Windows Picture and Fax Viewer on Windows 7?

I just bought an new computer...HP Pavilion with Windows 7 64 bit os. I absolutely HATE it. I am used to my old computer's Wingows XP and this piece of s**t doesn't half compare as being user friendly. HP said if I moved up to Windows 7 "Professional" I would have some of the same content as the XP. I ordered it.....stupid move. I cannot tell the difference from the "Premium". I wasted $89.95 + and for what? I despise the operating system on this new computer!!!!!!!!!

I travel quite a bit and was used to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer for editing my pictures and NOW it is no longer available. How do I get this program back?
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    If you are talking about windows Photo Gallery, Mail, etc. --- Windows Live essentials is now an additional download available free HERE

    I believe (could be mistaken) they were required to remove it from the OS so that other programs could be used instead of the MS versions due to some litigation that occured awhile back brought by third party companies complaining that MS was keeping them from being able to compete so instead of just defaulting to using MS versions of these programs you now have to download them and install as a seperate install.
  2. windows picture is now call windows photo viewer in win 7 also this change
  3. Thanks for your response, JDFan and scout_03. It's like everything else in this get something you like or works well and they change it.
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