CPU OC bottleneck. Please help

Hi all,
I want to ask for advice and opinions on a problem im having.
XFX 6870
Asus M5a78l/USB3
Corsair vengeance 16GB
Crucial M4 64GB SSD sata6
WD 80GB IDE (i Know, no money so its recycled from a V.V old machine)
Antec 550 true PSU

Now the problem i am having is to do with FPS games. Battlefield 3 and CS:GO.
When I am running stock freq 3.6ghz everything is nice. FPS decent and no lag, but when I overclock everything lags.
I cmd'd render.perfoverlayvisable 1 and I can see I am getting loads of spikes in the CPU, not so much on GPU. This is when I OC above stock.
I havent touched the GPU.
This only happens for the above mentioned games. Guild wars 2 and C&C run perfect on OC.
Advice very welcome
Opinions also welcome but not to do with BD or my rubbish HDD.(unless necessary) I know the FX architechure is crap but I does do the job. At stock at least ;)
I should also mention I dont mind stock but would like to know about the OC situation.

Many thanks
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  1. I'm kind of going out on a limb here, and guessing, but this used to happen to my laptop due to it's BIOS so it could be the problem as well:

    What *could* be happening is that at the OC'd voltage under load you are getting too hot and the BIOS compensates for this by reducing voltage and multiplier (I know little of AMD CPU's so maybe they use different variables). Because of this, you will see lower frame rates.

    Now, it's interesting that this only happens in some games. Have you tried updating your graphics card's drivers?
  2. It is possible its the bios but I haven't heard of anyone else on forums with this problem. I know the mobo isn't the most popular but I'm sure someone in the world had the same idea as myself.

    I did update the bios to play CS as there is a known issue with fx CPUs

    Funny story about the gpu driver. When I first played bf3 I had the most upto date driver at the time CCC 12.6. without OC the spikes happened. I had to use a old whql driver. 12.1 cap3. Now I am using the 12.7 beta driver and like I say that works nicely without OC.
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