GTX 560 Ti SLI or 570...

OK i currently have a GTX 560 Ti. Now i can get another 560 Ti or i have enough money to get 1x580 or 2x570. I am content with the 560 i have now and the quality on bf3. It could be a little better thats why i am thinking another 560 should do the trick. Just because i have the money to get a 570 i am not sure if i really need to get one. Any idea's thoughts or suggestion would be good. Ive been on the edge for about a month now and cant decide. Also here is my setup i currently have, maybe i could take the extra $$ and improve elsewere.

Phenom 1100T
Asus Sabertooth 990FX
120gb Corsair GT SSD 6gb/s
12gb 1033mhz
850w Power Supply

Budget $500 ish
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  1. I'd get another 560. Save the extra bucks for other things like a 600 series kepler based vid card when they come out.
  2. 7850

  3. Keep in mind i already have a 560. I also want to stay with Nvidia.
  4. frankc123 said:
    Keep in mind i already have a 560. I also want to stay with Nvidia.

    Well sorry for you luck then.
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    For $220 investment to you, two 560's (862 fps) will toast any card on the market by a long shot.....and 850 watt PSU is more than enough for two heavily OC'd 560's

    40% more than one 580 ($450) which gets 616 fps
    43% more than one 7950 ($450) which gets 603 fps
    28% more than one 7970 ($550) which gets 675 fps

    so $220 for the 2nd card in SLI or pay more than more than twice as much to go a helluva lot slower ?? Easy decision
  6. Any objections anyone?
  7. Sounds good to me.

    Put the card with the better cooler on top.
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