Hard Drive Still Fails!!!

It's me again! I just got the new ATA/100 round cables today and start to install them right away. But, the hard drive pissed me off again. It is still not detected by the system!!! Could it be dead??? As I mentioned, my system is the CUSL2-C, 512mb crucial, radeon 64mb vivo, 40g 60GXP, plex 16/10/40, pioneer 106s, etc. Please help everybody! Thanks! :cool:
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  1. First, make sure the jumper is correct. Look at the documentation for the HD and verify that the jumper is correct. Take it off and put it back on to make sure the contacts are good.

    Verify that the ribbon cable is correctly oriented. The red stripe on the cable corresponds to pin number 1 on the HD and the MB. The HD should be attached to the connector at the end of the cable.

    Make sure the power connector is pushed in all the way. Maybe even try a different power connector

    After you power up, touch the top of the HD to see if you can detect any vibration or get a sense that the disk is spinning, or whether it just seems dead.

    It could be that you have a bad hard drive. Is there any way you can try it on another computer to make sure?

    Do you have another HD that you could use to check whether the problem is with the MB?

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  2. Sounds like two possibilities: the cable is upside-down; one of the pins/wires is bent/broken.

    Try an old 40c cable, and if it cures the problem, you've got a bad cable.
  3. I plug in my old computer's hard drive (WD 3500) and it works fine. I think the new hard drive is dead. Therefore, I'm gonna return it and get a replacement. Thanks guys!
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