Do USBs have issues under heat?

ok well to start off i did notice a USB related forums so i did this here.

extra info:
USB port : on-board
Average Temp:47(C)
CPU: fx4100 3.6 ghz
Graphics : R6770
This has been happening for about a month
My air-flow for the computer is real bad(cant be fixed atm)(bad tower placement)
Only happens to on-board USBs
The USBs heat up to an uncomfortable to the touch temperature.

next my problem is that my wireless USB MOUSE

starts lagging once PC has been running.

i know its not any graphics/proccessing issue because i can type/watch/see stuff on the screen

with no lagg but my mouse will start jittering across the screen after extensive gameplay(or anything that heats the PC from hig usage)

so my question is can USB devices start failing/lagging/wrong things

from heat?

At first i thought it was a virus but i started to

think about how i get great FPS and things like that when

i notice the mouse problem.

Is there a way to fix this?(Besides the obvious(more FANS, Better Location)
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  1. No. If it's a heat problem, then the fix is better airflow through the case.
  2. what do you mean by on-board usb's?
  3. by on-board i mean on the motherboard

    the ones in the back of the tower(desktop) i just
    know that if they start getting heated
    they start messing up

    e.x lagging/not working at all
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