Ideas for graphics cards?

Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade from my 6850. (have run into some issues with it long story short its dying a slow painful death). So I am in the marked for a new card. I play swtor and skyrim and dues ex the most. I am looking for a card that isnt going to be over kill but will play in 1920x1080 and 60 fps + I also just want a single card.

System specs
AMD Phenom ii 1100t
msi mobo not sure which one
750 watt cooler master power supply
thermaltake chaser mark 1

Thanks for you help guys!
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  1. what is your budget? all the game you list down are quite easy on gpu. maybe you can try looking for 6950 or GTX570
  2. If you want all eye candies at play over 60FPS you can get GTX580..special on newegg for $ can get 7950 but 580 at that price has no competition
  3. I wanna stay around 300 I'm flexible. Also how are the gtx 480's I found one new for 250?
  4. i know some people don't like 480 because of it's power consumption and heat but it does offer solid performance in games. the one you fine is it stock version? there are refurbished GTX570 (same performance as GTX480) on newegg for 230 but it was out of stock
  5. you can manually set the fan control to eliminate the heat problem but the stock fan on GTX480 was loud at higher rev
  6. I think I am going to get it. The price point is very nice and feels like steal to some aspect lol
  7. if i had 250$ id either get the 480 or the 7850 though TWO COMPLETELY different cards lol...
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