Intel Celeron G530 good for gaming?

Is the Intel Celeron G530 good for light gaming? Im a on a strict budget and I can't get anything higher, I want to know if its good though.

Games I will be playing: Call of Duty 4, Minecraft (I will not be playing BF3, or if I will I will put all settings to low)

I will have an AMD 6670 and will be playing at 1920x1080 resolution.

Will the Celeron G530 bottleneck the GPU? I have looked at some videos of people playing BF3 and 1920x1080 with the same specs so im guessing no right?
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  1. It will be fine with a HD6670 for light gaming. If you can step up to a Pentium do.
  2. yeah I would like to but im on a really tight budget, by the time I can upgrade Id rather get an i3 because the performance boost from the celeron to the pentium wouldnt be that great no?
  3. It'd do you well, and you can later get an IB i3.
  4. Nothing wrong with that plan.
  5. It games better than an Athlon II X2, and I played all my games with that up until July this year.
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