What can I upgrade to?

I have ATI Radeon 4200 in my HP Pavilion p6654y.. Whats the best graphics card i can upgrade to?
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The mobo have a PCI-E line x16, so, you can use any GPU available on the market the problems is the PSU, CHECK YOUR PSU 1st before buy a new GPU. Usually the PSU of those pre-build rigs isn't good or not good enough for power a high end or middle end decent GPU.
  2. anything that will work with a 250W power supply will work with this computer:

    However, if you were to purchase a new powersupply then you could get any card you want. This is one of the ATX standard HPs so you can get any regular ATX power supply for it.
  3. That pc has a250 watt power supply. Saint19 is correct, you can use any card out there, but not until you upgrade your power supply with something decent.
    Whats your budget? We can make some suggestions if we know what you can spend. Also what screen resolution do you use?
  4. Right on.. Thanks for the knowledge.. Well just purchased the Adobe CS5 Collection cause i'm heavy into design.. I also use Blender and 3DS Max..

    The problem is the rendering.. It takes forever and also not so smooth..
    I've already looked into a better processor, now i'm just looking into a better GPU..
    A budget isn't really an issue.. But i'm gonna throw out a number.. $200-400..
  5. If your budget isn't a problem, I'd go with a full new right that only a new GPU. What CPU are you running on that?

    On that price your can get a HD 6970 or GTX 570 but you will need a GOOD PSU and good CPU.
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