Amd athlon II x4 vs Amd fx 4100

Hi, iv been looking around for awhile but cant find anything i plan on getting a computer for gaming but my budget is around 800 dollars i want room to upgrade in the future with AMD i was looking at the amd athlon II x4 640 and the FX 4100 but i heard about problems with the fx and im worried about bottle necking my gpu is gonna be a gtx 550 ti so its not the greatest but i was just wonder if it will work good with new games coming out like crysis 3 thanks
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  1. Wait a few weeks until Oct. Piledriver is coming out.
  2. athlon II is better than fx if you dont plan on overclocking. If you do FX overclocks way higher.
  3. The FX is better even when not OC'ing. L3 cache helps.
  4. im new to the whole computer thing but i was thinking about overclocking after i can get a better cooler when i get my pc and wats lc cache?
  5. L3 cache. It's a special memory that resides on the CPU. It takes time for the CPU to get data from the RAM, but L3 cache is VERY fast compared to RAM. The L3 holds data, so when the CPU needs it, it can get it very quickly. L3 is pretty important. Get either the Phenom II x4 965 (preferably) or FX4100. Don't get the Athlon.
  6. okay i see thanks for the help
  7. or wait a couple of weeks for the piledriver quad cores
  8. Yup. That too.
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