Is Nvidia geforce 310m replaceable in a Sony ALL IN ONE ?

I recently bought a Sony VPCJ128FG ( you can Google it!) All in one desktop PC. It had all the high end features- i5, 4 GB ddr3, 500gb hdd.......

But the gpu (Nvidia geforce 310m) isn't that good for playing games like assasin's creed, crysis 2 (lol)
bf3, or GTA4.

So my question here is, is this gpu replaceable?..... please don't tell me i should buy a new desktop for gaming or why did i buy this in the first place.
Anyways, i know that these are mobile graphic cards, and they are chip like in size.
here are the specs of my gpu:
Die size: 57mm sq
Bus interface: PCI-E 2.0 x 16 @ x1 1.1
Memory type: DDR3
Dedicated Graphic Display 512mb
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  1. not only chip-like in size, but it is a chip on your motherboard, so sadly, no, it is not replaceable. All in one PCs are great, but they are not meant for this application.
  2. But I've seen in many videos demonstrating how to change a laptop graphic card
    and I've heard tha all in one PCs are like laptops only,
    i know its very hard but i am accepting the risks.....
  3. only ultra high end onboard GPUs are replaceable... the ones that come with an AOI PC are simply not.
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