Weird behavior in PC after power surge

Hello, well my pc is working now but let me explain...

2 days ago, i was using my pc and the power in my building went out, when i tried to turn on my pc back, didnt boot, the fans were on, the hard disk and cd recorders were running. so i began to unplug everything, looking for video errors, resetting BIOS. nothing worked.

so i went for the last logic choice, the PSU, went to buy a new one. voila, it runs fine. and believe me or not, power went down again few hours after.

wishing nothing bad happened and asking god why did this happen, when power came back, the same problem occurs... that means...?

my old PSU was OK? and something else is malfunctioning? oh btw, i tried everything, changed power cords, switched wall power plugs and put everything back where it belongs, and worked! im confused
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  1. So the secounnd time the power went out you had the new PSU in your computer, then the power went out and it stoped working again right?

    If thats what happend, you should UPS (universal power supply) or a surge protector. It sound like when the power goes out a surge of power is going into your omputer and frying you PSU.
  2. Be careful if you go with a UPS, you new power supply may not like the UPS if it is not a pure sine wave unit, it has to do with active power factor correction in power suplies. Do some research on surge protectors, a 3000 joule would be a good start.
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