ATI Radeon HD 6750 1gb DDR5 on 400 Watt Power Supply ?

:( Can i run my ati radeon hd 6750 1gb ddr5 graphics card on any 450watt psu?

Please suggest me.

Now i have frontech 450watt psu.
Is it suitable for my card?

Please help..........
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  1. Yes no problem.
  2. thank you demon slayer.......
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    actually, i dont think it will...I had the same PSU as yours but a 500 W version....and apparently my 500W frontech was barely able to churn out 150w on 12V line (despite the specified 19A current on 12V line! I was using it on my system with onboard graphics and it worked fine but then I added a dedicated GPU and the PSU gave up in 3 days)
    If you really wanna be on the safe side, I'd say get a corsair or seasonic from ebay or somewhere. they'll cost you around Rs. 3000-4000. Costly for a PSU but when you put in a dedicated GPU, you can not rely on the cheap Rs. 400 ones at all!
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  5. get an antec truepower 650w
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