BEX Event/Error: All Browsers Dead

Hi All,

I do not know if this is the correct section to post since my problem seems to be an intersections of many sectors, so here goes....

Yesterday while using Firefox I noticed it kept crashing, with the cause being a "BEX Event". I try opening it to no avail, everytime terminating immediately after I clicked on it. I tried Chrome and Explorer, but both of them suffered the same problem, immediately crashing due to the BEX error. I restarted my system multiple times to see if it subsides, but it reappeared promptly everytime for ALL three browsers (!) I tried Safe Mode with networking to see if its gone. Nope, same problem, with Explorer and Firefox collapsing instantly, while Chrome seem to take around 10-12 seconds of surfing before flatlining due to the same cause.

I then decided to use System Restore and managed to take my whole system back to 5 days ago when none of the problems were happening. Tried again, but nope, same issue with a BEX event. This time it seems Explorer would display it as BEX64 instead of just BEX. I tried resetting entire settings for Explorer, but the BEX error would always prevent me from doing so by shutting down the whole things before its done. I thought, maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with a faulty DEP on Explorer, and added it the list of exceptions for DEP. Still didn't work, and the system wouldn't let me add Chrome and Firefox to the list either. I tried to see if maybe I can download some new antivirus or antispyware programs off the net, except that none of my browsers work, so I have no access to the Internet in both normal and Safe modes.... Sufficient to say I am typing here from a library's computer.

To sum it up, whatever my OS has is relentless and merciless as ***. I'm starting to suspect it maybe a virus/trojan, but the symptoms don't the match the usual suspects. I'm literally at my wit's end and have no idea what it is or how to best proceed forward. ANY help or advice would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. What anti-virus app are you using? You need to get Malwarebytes (from and install, update, and run it (full scan) while in Safe Mode. Delete everything it finds.

    If that fails to solve the problem, get and run from CD, this tool from AVG:

    Boot from the CD and make sure to say yes to update (you'll see what I mean) and then remove all this app finds.

    Between the 2 (if you have to use the AVG tool) you will get rid of the nasties you have.

    Good luck!
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