Need help with determining CPU or PSU failure, please help

Hey all,
I just built my new gaming PC about a week and a half ago. It has an AMD Phenom II x4 965, a radeon 7850, and a corsair builder series 600w PSU. For a week and a half, it ran great. No problems whatsoever.
But then earlier today, when I was playing minecraft, my computer just crashed. Almost no warning, my computer just shut off like somebody hit the reset button. It just started to reboot. Then, when it tried to reboot, it tried to load the OS from the DVD drive (which DID NOT have a disk in it at the time), even though the boot priority set to the hard drive and not the DVD drive. I said okay, that's weird, so I restarted my computer and this time I went into the BIOS. The first problem I noticed was that it was not recognizing my HDD and said I only had a DVD drive connected. The second (and much more serious issue) I noticed was that both my 12 volt and and my 5 volt readings were red and that they were both wrong. Then, I shut down my computer and tried to reboot it, and this time it didn't even post. The CPU indicator light was on. I tried rebooting again, and same problem. No post, and just a big old red LED telling me that my computer is just an intestine doorstop at the moment.
Anyway, I need some help to determine what the problem is here. The faulty volt readings lead me to believe that it is the PSU. But then the CPU light starts to make me suspect the CPU, and as with any computer problem it could always be the motherboard. Please help guys I am kindve ate dead end here. I don't have another PSU I can use to test and see if that is the culprit.

All help is greatly appreciated, sincerely,
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  1. I would tend to think it would be the PSU failing with the voltage, and because I had a problem with a different model in the Builder series from Corsair previously. Of course you are correct that the MB or (less likely) the CPU may instead be at fault, as well.

    One device that might help, especially if you are able to RMA your PSU, is the Rexus PST-3. Plug in your supply to the device as instructed and you should get a fairly accurate indication as to whether your PSU is the culprit or not. If it is, then you'll find out fairly quickly and you will be able to include that information if you RMA to Corsair.

    In any event, I would suggest that you not power your machine with that supply until you have it tested.

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