Faulty power supply or bad motherboard?

Hello forum,

A week ago , my 450W Generic Chinese made PSU died on me , so i ordered a new Corsair VX450 watts PSU. I got it 3 days ago , when i plugged it in and switched it on , everything powered on , cpu fan , gpu , all fans , hdd , but nothing came up on screen i.e orange light on monitor.

I disconnected the HDD cables / power and tried to boot but still the HDD light was on.The mobo beeped 3 long times when i removed the ram sticks , but that doesnt necessarily indicate that the mobo is fine as my last mobo had similar symptoms but turned out to be faulty.

But after some random glitches (reseating the sata cable , switching on/off the power button on the back of the psu ) it booted but still it hung up on the windows boot system. I again rebooted and it ran fine.

After 3 days this happened to me again.

What could be the faulty part? PSU or MOBO.

Remind you that all the hardware in my pc is NEW not powerfull or new gen , but NEW

Core 2 Quad Q6600
Asrock G31m-VS2
XFX HD 4850 1GB
2 GB DDR2 Kingstom RAM
SAMSUNG optical drive

Oh , the chinese psu died once too , it was repaired and it died the 2nd time so i got a corsair one.

Help needed . All parts are under warranty , so which one should i send for RMA ?

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  1. Hello Friends,

    This is an interesting question. Well my name is Steven Arnold. I want to give some suggestion. No doubt your PSU part is the fault, first check if it works on a socket that has something running on it already (so you know the socket works) Then if it still doesn't work, take the side panel off, disconnect all the PSU connections inside. Then put them back securely, (with the power switched off from the mains.) If it was stored in a damp place it will not come on. You will have to keep it in a dry warm place till the humidity inside goes down.

    Thanks and Best Regards.
    Steven Arnold
  2. Please read the query properly. POWER IS BEING SUPPLIED TO THE PC. The problem is , it hangs up during boot. No post , no display. It happened 2 times in 5 days. Otherwise it is working . Using it right now...
  3. Looks like the mobo. Can you swap and test with a working spare?
  4. Could be multiple order the RAM, GPU, PSU and mobo are the most likely. First reseat all power connections and verify that they are all properly connected; improperly seated connections isn't as uncommon as you would think; pay special attention to the GPU power connections since you're getting boot with no video. The fact that it is only happening intermittently is a strong indication to me that there is a loose/improper connection.

    If that doesn't work, then try running memtest on boot and if your memory passes then try booting with a different GPU. If nothing changes then the GPU is likely good. The only way to really good way to test whether it's the PSU/mobo is to swap them out with known good parts...
  5. Ok , while the problem was persisting , i removed the gpu and tried a different one , it was the same , no video , so the problem with video card is off the point.

    RAM works fine , gave it for testing to a local vendor and they are good to go.

    Rounding all off gives it to the PSU and Mobo.

    PSU is just 2 days old . any chances for it to be faulty? , i mean it is working now , the glitches are just random ,,,
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    Mobo or PSU is could be either but I'd lean towards the mobo right now. If it was the PSU, then it is a lot more likely to be DOA than causing intermittent faults like this.
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