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I'm looking for a new graphics card to purchase, must be Nvidia. I'm not sure what card i can handle with my PS considering
that i have two HDD running at 7200rpm. I'll be using the card for gaming but mainly for Graphics and possibly a program called Mari.

I don't want to get a new ps.

My budget is 200 bucks.

My system is:

PCU: i7-2600

MB: Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 mATX

Memory: 16gb 1600

PS: 520w antec Hich current gamer

Two HDD: 1.5tb 7200rpm


Any ideas on what i can get? I'm thinking a 560 ti.
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  1. Gtx560ti is a good choice, looks like your program might support CUDA.
  2. Haven't got a clue what cuda is, or even if my PS will support a GTx560ti.
  3. for$200 and nvidia I agree with amuffin (560ti), a 520 watt psu would be fine. to find out more about cuda look it up at the nvidia website
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