Need helps on first time building PC

I am trying to build a computer for the very first time and I need some help.
I'm trying to build a computer for high spec. required gaming,watching movies,school works etc.

Motherboard -
Video Card -
Case -
Operating System -
Hardware -
Storage -
Memory -
Power Supply -

I'll be getting few extra fans for the case and CPU coolers as well. I'd love to know if there is anything better than what I've listed for the same, similar, or even cheaper expanse (especially the video card, not very sure if it's best of all $400worth. Willing to go up 50$ more if I really have to). Storage.... I really don't get what to get to give the full performance. I first pick i7 but chose i5 after some researching saying that i5 is better for gaming. I'll be doing very little overclocking since I'm not very comfortable of doing it. Or do I even have to do the O/C? isn't it enough? Using MAG innovision 2200W monitor, should I get new one?
Please give all your opinions~~
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    The Reason no one is answering you is because of this!!

    Repost please its more easy to help you this way.
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