PSU Whistle/Squealing Sound.

I installed a new CPU heatsink yestarday and afterwards my PSU started making a constant very high pitch sound as soon as its turned on.
My computer used to be pretty loud with the old stock heatsink so i'm not entirely certain if this had been happening for a while and I just couldn't hear it like I can now with it being so quiet, I've tried using different motherboard fan plugs and stopping my cpu fan, rear exhaust fan and video card fan 1 at a time to eliminate them as the culprit for starters.
I have been reading a lot of posts around the internet saying it could still be 1 of those thats actually causing the PSU to make the sound, and I have tried changing power saving settings in the bios as alot of posts have said that could be the cause, also that the Corsair TX750W seems to be known for making some annoying sounds/noises from my searches, but I've had it for 4 years and never heard a thing but normal fan sounds.
Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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  1. You stopped your CPU Fan :O, Take the powersupply out of your case and get rid of the most likely dust then give it a shake and stick it back in lol.
  2. So today after opening my case while my computer was on, I noticed the psu fan not spinning, could this cause the high pitch sound? Is there a way I can just force the PSU fan to stay on? I've been reading about some power saving features causing squeals and other sounds? it only started happening after I replaced my stock cpu fan the other day.
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