Nvidia GeForce GT 545

I was wondering if the Nvidia GeForce GT 545 can run BF3 on high settings? and if it can how good or bad will the fps, lagg, experience be?
Im buying a new computer and Im pretty sure it needs a new graphics card, but I want an opinion first.
Yes it is GT, not GTX
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  1. Oh yeah the Nvidia GT 545 has 3 GB dedicated memory, but after what I know dedicated is just a nice word they use to sell stuff to newbs like me.
  2. This is alienware I am asumming? You are being ripped off. The 545 is a crap card.
  3. amuffin said:
    This is alienware I am asumming? You are being ripped off. The 545 is a crap card.

    get a 1gb 6850 for better FPS for your money. 3gb memory is absolutely retarded on such a slow GPU. any more than 1gb and you want to pair it with a high end gpu and a high res monitor, or it is a total waste.
  4. The GT 545 isn't crap, it just isn't that great for the price. It's basically the slightly slower equivalent of a GTX 550 Ti.

    If you're looking at an OEM system like Dell/HP and this is being offered as an "upgrade" then you're being ripped off. You can buy the equivalent card, the GTX 550 Ti, for around $100 online as opposed to the $200-300 I'm sure Dell/HP would charge. For that kind of money you can pretty easily get a GTX 560 Ti, or even a GTX 570 which are WAY faster and better cards than the GT 545.
  5. ^ It's a crap card for the price. If it cost $90 then yes it's probably worth it. If you planning to buy a prebuilt PC, look at some place that offers more options, such as cyberpowerpc.com
  6. Thanks for the replies and no it is not an Alienware, it is an affordable HP Desktop which I just love.
    Everything apart from the graphics card is good so I am thinking of anything from 200 to 450 dollars that will give great value for the money and can run bf3 on high.
    Or just the best card overall for that price which will run all the games created till 2018 on normal
  7. Why not build your own? :ange:
  8. the Speccs of the pc is 2 TB memory, 8 GB RAM 1600 mhz and that crappy graphics card.
    the speed of the 4 processors or CPU/GPU (noob at these things) was 3.1 GHZ
    3.1 GHz Intel Core i5-2400 processor
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 with 3 GB dedicated memory
    8 GB RAM and 2000 GB Storage space
  9. if I were to build my own it would easily be the price of this HP laptop + 200 bucks more + 28% tax on it + 85 NOK fee so custom build is not an option.
    Neither would buying all parts seperatly and putting together myself be an option so I'm just looking for a graphics card with good value for the buck that does not overheat and runs bf3/other modern games very smoothly.
    Thanks for all help in advance and I will consider all products you link me, but my primary price range is 200-450 dollars (lower price is <3 which is why the 6950 is what I'm leaning towards)
    Also does anyone want to tell me something about the XFX 6950?
  10. That is a much better card, but does the hp power supply have enough to power it? You may have to buy another psu.
  11. ups meant easily be the price of this HP desktop, I'm used to browsing laptops :p
  12. PSU not ups.
  13. This thread no longer needs replies and I thank everyone who answered.
    Found someone who can actually do a nice custom build and all I loose is 1.5 TB storage space, but if I ever need more than 500 GB I can just buy some later.
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