LGA 1155 Mobo support Ivy + Sandy Bridge

I want to know if there are any side effect pairing Bridge LGA 1155 MoBo that support Ivy with Sandy Bridge Processor? From what I've heard that it'll leave a space on the socket ? is that true ?
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    I'm running a 2600k on a Z77 board.

    It fits/works perfect.

    Since some of the new z77 chipset features are tied to the ivy bridge CPU's, you won't have pcie 3.0 etc but you will get everything the 2600k is supposed to offer.
  2. Thank you, now I'm relieved..
    I'm thinking to build MSI Z77 Mpower + i5 2500k because I thought that Ivy is kinda ripoff.. there aren't so many difference in performance and from what I've heard, Ivy produce more heat than sandy when OC-ed..
  3. My local CompUsa put the 2600k on sale for $230. That made the choice pretty easy for me.
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