Upgrade from amd 5770 to msi gtx 460 cyclone experience :-)

my previous max vantage score with my 5770 gave now with my gtx 460 cyclone scores max @ core 940 memory 1100 shader 1880 voltage 1.212 gpu score 17184 @ performance preset !! Is this overclocking enough to compete gtx 560 ti performance @ stock clocks ??
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  1. someone ??
  2. What are you asking? Can a GTX 460 overclocked compete with a GTX 560 Ti? No. But it will beat a HD 5770 easily.
  3. can a gtx 460 @ 900 on the core match performance of a gtx 470 @ stock clocks ?
  4. www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151897
    then it almost matches a gtx 560 ti rite ?
  5. What does it matter? I have had a GTX 460 1GB from the week the cards were released. Mine is clocked at 840-1680-2000 and has been a very good card.

    I am at the upgrade point now though and have just been waiting on the GTX 6xx series to see how good they are. If they turn out to be really good I will pick up a GTX660 or 660 Ti. If not then the price has really come down on the GTX 570. Hell GTX 480s have been on sale for $200 on newegg lately.

    If you are getting 940Mhz clock out of a GTX 460 it probably is close to a stock GTX 560 Ti. The 560 will still overclock though.
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