Best price/performance upgrade from 5850 is 7870 2gb??

Hey guys just saw the reviews of 7850 and 7870 and they seem very nice and i think its really best solution for those who still have 57xx or 58xx and want to upgrade for less price that is excluding 7950 and 7970 which are too expensive.

I personally feel like upgrading from my 5850 which i been using for almost 2 years and its really been awesome card still i can max out many games at 1080p.

And the thing is 7870 is 2 gb vram which is one more great reason for upgrading i think 7870 crossfire can easily kill any game max settings at 1080p resolution.

Just cant wait to get hands on atleast one 7870 first then add second one later.

What do you guys think about 7870 when it comes to price and performance?.
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  1. 7870 is a good option to upgrade from 5850. And can be overclocked verry good and perform close to 7950 and sometimes 7970.
    I think the price will somewhere at 250+ $.
  2. Yes, that's why they don't make 6970 , 7870 tooked the place of 6970 in price range.
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