HDMI Video capture Card For Xbox 360 & Ps3???

Hi, I am looking for a HDMI Video capture card that lets me record my xbox 360 / ps3 on and offline.Any help at all will be greatful. I have in my system Windows ultimate 64bit / Rampage Extreme 3 motherboard with 3.0 usb and PCI Express 2.0 slots opened. thank you
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  1. anyone yet? I have no clue at all on what Im looking for. thanks
  2. really no one can help me out?
  3. Look here:


    Kinda pricey, but should be able to do what you're asking.
  4. I had the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle, but I couldn't use HDMI because it has that HDCP protection. I used component cables and had the best quality that I've seen someone use to capture xbox gameplay.
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