Windows 8 does not detect HDD

So i have my windows 8 Pro 64 bit installed in my SSD and I did so w/o any HDD hooked up. Now I have a WD HDD(SATA) 1TB hooked up and restarted the system but seems like there is no new drive when I checked under My Computer. I looked in my BIOS window and see that I do have the drive installed in that SATA slot. Also in my Device Manager in the Control Panel, I do see the WD HDD. So why don't I see it listed under My Computer? Do i need to manually name it and enable something somewhere or something? I did install the driver on my MOBO's support site - its an ASUS Sabertooth z77. Any insights would be helpful. Thanks!
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  1. did you format the drive

    right click my computer > manage > disc management
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    Go into disc management and assign a drive letter and format ^
  3. Woooot! I knew it was something super simple! Man I feel like such a noob! Thanks guys for the help! Gots a new drive!
  4. Your welcome and don't forget to choose a best answer when posting a thread on the forum.

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