AMD or Intel

I wanan make a computer for gaming , i would like some suggestion if possible

Procesor : Procesor AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition -
Procesor Intel® CoreTM i3 2120 -
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  1. Going forward I prefer taking a Quad core over dual, it gives flexibility in the future and by no measure are Phenom II cores slow. For most gaming though the i3 2120 will be as fast maybe a few % faster.
  2. If the computer is mainly for gaming I would go with Intel. Right now AMD really doesn't have much that can compete clock for clock with Intel's CPU's. Clock for clock Intel will be faster in most games. Depending on your budget I would go with an I3 or I5.
  3. if you overclock get the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
    if not get the i3 2120,
  4. *sigh*

    How many "AMD vs. Intel" threads do we see every day here on THG??

    Don't these guys even look at the front page??,3106.html

    Seriously, just point them to the rather obvious article link on the freakin' front page and be done with it already :P..
  5. Yea I wish they would search it's amazing how atleast three pop up everyday.
  6. There is at least 25 per day..........they be trollin :P
  7. Go for sandy bridge. No need to think about that!
  8. well if your gaming id go for an i5 2500 or the 3570, but of the two choices you gave me id go for the i3
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