New to computers advice needed!

Hi everyone,

My fiancee and I are purchasing our first real desktop (ive dabbled back in high school) but I am getting the feeling that Best Buy isnt as good of an option as it seems. I am just going to say a few things about my experience and what kind of situation we are in computer wise:

We are college seniors and need a computer that can do a little of everything

I am interested in gaming, I am playing Diablo 3 on my current laptop which is a nightmare in itself and am wanting a serious upgrade.

Our budget is around 800 dollars at the moment but I am planning on continually upgrading it as I go along, so anything that I might like but isnt really necessary I am prepared to get later

I have been looking around and the computer that I was considering from Best Buy was going to be the hp pavillon p7-1254

As far as we know all I am planning on putting on it is Microsoft office and maybe photoshop and some other simple stuff

Whatever I get will need to be fairly easy to install and keep updated

Any advice anyone can give me will be helpful!

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  1. Have you looked on They have a variety of pc's and are generally very competitively priced, as opposed to best buys generally overpriced items
  2. How about building it? You can have a fun time with your fiancee building a computer! Could be a nice bonding experience hehe :)
  3. I am looking on newegg now but all the reviews im seeing are ones saying the product worked for a few days or a month and shut off or some other serious issues. and as for building it.... not sure I would be able to pull that off
  4. Everything is here: complete video run throughs on how to build it!
  5. ok well that is cool but I have no idea what to get/need for them. Im sure your about to link me another video ;)
  6. after looking around a bit on newegg I have found a computer that seems to be what I need, check it out and comment :)

    iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 903i Desktop PC Intel Core i7 2600K(3.40GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
  7. That's pretty good, however you don't need an i7.

    i5-2500k $220
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 $130
    8gb Corsair Vengeance $44
    Radeon 7850 $220
    Windows 7 Home Premium $99
    Corsair TX650W $60
    Antec 300 $55
    1tb HDD $110
  8. would I really need the 1tb HDD? that seems like a rather large amount that I probably would not be using.
  9. You can go 500GB and a 60GB SSD.
  10. are optical drives in this list of stuff you gave me?
  11. ok so after looking at your recommendations and watching the videos you posted and comparing those with the max system settings of diablo, I found this computer on newegg. It has more than enough video power (im pretty sure, diablo says ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 or better) and more than enough HDD space. My only concern are the reviews I am seeing... Alot of people are saying that their computers are damaged or not working. Is that a common issue or is it simply they are the only ones leaving reviews?
  12. and here is diablos system reqs for easy reference
  13. Don't you want Ultra quality? An i3-2100 is much more than D3 needs, plus you get a 6870! You can follow this $600 dollar build:
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  15. amuffin said:
    Don't you want Ultra quality? An i3-2100 is much more than D3 needs, plus you get a 6870! You can follow this $600 dollar build:

    That is a good build but doesn't include a Monitor, keyboard or mouse. Another option:

    1. Asrock Pro4-M Z77:
    2. Intel G860:
    3. Crucial 2x2GB:
    4. Seagate Barracude 750GB:
    5. XFX HD 6850:
    6. Corsair CX430:
    7. Samsung DVD:
    8. Antec Gaming Series One case:
    9. Acer 23" monitor: Great discount on this monitor!
    10. Rosewill kybd:
    11. Zalman mouse:
    Total including shipping: $846 After rebates: $791

    Potential upgrades:
    1. Seasonic M12II-520:
    Significant upgrade in quality and capacity: 40A on the 12V rail (28A on CX430), 80+ Bronze, 5yr warranty, modular design, rock solid rails, QUIET - I have and LOVE this PSU. Highly recommend you get this instead of the CX430. Adds $40 to the after-rebate price and it's well worth every dollar.
    2. Z77 chipset on the mobo allows easy upgrade to an Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge CPU without having to flash BIOS (z68 and older chipsets require the BIOS flash)
    3. Add an SSD. Makes the system really snappy and prices are finally going below $1/GB....recommend a 128GB or larger so you have room for OS and some of your most used programs.
    4. Get another 2x2GB of the Crucail RAM to take advantage of the quad channel capability of the Z77 chipset.
    The only upgrade that I highly recommend right now is the PSU. The rest of them can be done when you save up the extra money.
  16. rugger,

    are those upgrades you listed some that I could get on the computer that I chose or the one that muffin listed in his post? because I am planning on getting an extra psu for the computer, and already have the monitor speakers etc already picked out and on a wish list
  17. I had intended those as upgrades for the build that I listed. Numbers 1-11 are my build recommendations and the potential upgrades are below.

    Comments on the potential upgrades I listed for use in another build:
    1. No matter the PC you build, the Seasonic M12II-520 is an outstanding PSU and I highly recommend.
    2. Other chipsets allow easy upgrades to Sandy Bridge CPUs, but only the Z77 chipset allows you to upgrade to an Ivy Bridge processor without flashing the BIOS. Flashing the BIOS on modern PCs has become easier and more reliable, but you have to know that it needs to be done. Just easier to buy something that comes ready for that potential upgrade.
    3. Getting an SSD for your OS/key programs now or later is also a great way to put snap into your PC.
    4. The RAM upgrade from 4 to 8GB will help performance, but you won't be able to take advantage of quad channel unless you're using a mobo with the Z77 chipset. Not a huge deal, but you leave performance on the table.
  18. Ok, well the only problem is that my fiancee and I would rather buy a pre-built. After talking it over with her we decided it would be a better decision to do this rather than chance me messing something up and still being down a computer. With this in mind I am going to list what I am thinking about purchasing next week.

    The computer I am looking at getting,



    And after looking at the processor, I was curious if I should include an upgrade for that as well, I know this doesnt come with a monitor... I am planning on getting one in town rather than pay shipping and whatnot on it.

    If yall could review this and see if there is something I messed up on I would greatly appreciate it!

    By the way, I looked at a potential upgrade to the CPU and Im not quite sure how it works but would this work in the computer I listed above?
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