Need help with network card not functioning

Recently, I built my own pc. Everything is working fine so far except that i have issues with my conections using wifi on the nic. The connection seems to be solid as it tells me i have 5 full bars on the network status on windows 7. I can't seem to download anything off the majority of the websites i go to using any browser. I'll hit the download button and nothing will happen, it'll tell me on chrome, or any browser for that matter, that it is waiting for the webpage and even if 10 minutes will pass, the download will still not be downloading. I know the connection is solid because on steam, the issues do not exist. Everything downloads perfectly on steam and i get a constant 2.2mbp/s download rate yet i can't seem to download anything on browsers. Anyone know any possible solutions. I ran speed test as well and it said i had a 34ms ping along with 20mB down and 873kb up.
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  1. Firewall Software? Popup blocker? Javaskript deactivated?
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