Strange line on Monitor screen


today I started my PC and I got a horizontal single line on my monitor's screen
its sure its only monitor's screen as if PC is off its showing this line
I tried to print screen to show here but desktop pic is quite clear
I am confuse what happening don't know if monitor is going to die or needing any service
or its problem of power cable

hope somebody faced same and can help

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  1. Hi

    Iv had this issue befoe with a laptop.
    a soild red lind down the screen.

    Bad new is the screen was dead and i had to replace it.
    i suggest testing your system on another monitor/tv and if its fine then you need a new display

    Good luck
  2. this time its gone itself

    But who knows when it comes again, actually when I detached display cable and only power cable was plugged in
    it was showing that line
  3. ahhh

    if it shows the line with no connection then the monitor is dead.

    itl still work for a time but you definatly need a new one
  4. hmm I'll watch it if it shows it future. I only saw it today and all display was good except this line and this time its gone
    I'll keep watching for it for some days if it comes back

    But can you tell why it comes?
  5. its a common problem with a display thats defective.
  6. now I started my PC, this blue line was not there and came again within a minute
    Its not continuous this time may be later

    Is it repairable or I need to change Monitor.......
    currently I can afford this single line for not to spend money this time :p
  7. I want to add a guess here, that may be just a confusion...
    this monitor line is coming continuously and goes off sometimes. apart from this line Monitor is working fine with good display

    In past its power chord was attached to PSU in cabinet with its male female connectors
    Now I am using my printer's chord which is connected to UPS, so there is no use of PSU here
    Is it possible that this line is coming because of power supply? as I got its power cable with male-female connectors to use it in PSU?
    Now my PSU doesn't have male and female output, my previous one had output for both.mains and Monitor

    Tell me if I need to change the way to give it power supply

  8. Hi

    Nobody could guess? well new update is here,

    When I adjusts monitor on its stand, then its line goes off for some time
    I am trying to adjust so I can remove it permanently

    so what's this problem?
  9. Didn't get answer yet
  10. vish22 said:
    Didn't get answer yet

    I used to hit the monitor and line disappears and from a long time line is not coming
    as I was continuously hitting and adjusting the monitor, on its stand.

    hope ppl must try this hitting method with light punch :sarcastic:
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