Old DVD-RW in new build: IDE to SATA mobo

I've seen a similar question asked on this forum regarding HDDs, but I wonder if the answers will be different for DVD drives (and specifically OS installation).

I'm building a new computer from scratch and obtained a 6-year old LG GSA-H10a DVD-RW drive with an IDE connection which I intend to use just to install Windows in the new computer. I don't foresee myself using the DVD drive for anything else except installing the initial OS and any very rare future instances.

The problem: the motherboard I'm buying (Gigabyte Z77-D3H) has no IDE headers.

Please help:
1. What is the cheapest, smallest, capable IDE-to-SATA device I can buy to connect my DVD drive to the motherboard? Will the motherboard recognize the drive or have any trouble related to the IDE-->SATA conversion? Or will the mobo think it's just a plain ol' SATA-connected device?

2. Will I be able to install the operating system onto a new computer and new hard drive even though the DVD is connected via such an unconventional interface conversion?

3. Will this suffice as a long-term solution? Like I said, I don't need the DVD other than installing the OS (probably).

Thanks so much! Appreciate it!
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  1. Using IDE to SATA connections is never recommended. You only need cd to install the os, so here is the cheapest one I could find. It is $16, which is only about $10 more than a converter would be.
  2. Why is this never recommended? By who? Can you please post links?
  3. Sata to IDE connectors do not reliably work, and it is only about $10 more, so you might as well get a dvd drive that you know will work.
    Here are a set of forums started because of converter problems.
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