GTX 560 Ti recommended PSU's?

What would be the best £70-£80 PSU for a machine with an AMD FX 4100 3.6Ghz quad-core processor and a GTX 560 Ti? With this processor I'd probably need more than 500W (my current PSU), right?

Slightly off-topic: In my searching of the forum for any similar questions, I saw somebody mention something about this processor bottle-necking the GPU... If that's true, would it still run better than, say, a 550 Ti?
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  1. yes it will be better than the 550ti. PS...... get a quality name brand PS with all the connections you will ever need and make sure it has at least 45amps on the 12v. should be more than enough to comfortably run what you have.
  2. Nvidia recommends a 500W PSU for the GTX560ti. The PSU needs two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors and should have at least 34A on the 12V rails. What is the make/model of your current PSU?

    That CPU bottlenecking the GPU...maybe at higher game resolutions with high detail settings and the CPU at stock clocks (i.e. not overclocked). If you don't already have the CPU, then I would consider an i3 2120 or an i5 3450 if you don't want to OC the CPU.
  3. Aye, I read that somewhere, but then I figured that my processor must surely eat up a bunch of it? (I'm not the most knowledgeable person here, so sorry if I'm completely misunderstanding how this works) And I'm not too sure what model I have right now, though the back of it has a sticker labelled 'AC 230V' if that helps...

    Thanks for those suggestions by the way, I've already purchased the CPU though so I'll probably just overclock it whenever I end up deciding it's not powerful enough.

    As for a quality name brand, if I do upgrade I'd been thinking about one of these PSU's:
    Any insight as to which would be the better buy here?
  4. not much technical data there but I assume either of those would fit the bill.
  5. Both of those are great PSUs but overkill for your PC. You don't need any more than this XFX Core 550W: By the way, all three PSUs are actually made by Seasonic, have 5 year warranties, and are of similar quality. My personal preference would be the Seasonic but not for nearly double the price....

    As for your current the side of the case and there will be a label on the side of your PSU. It will list amerage ratins for the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V rail(s) (there may be more than one 12V and it would be listed as 12V1, 12V2, etc.) and it will also list the make/model of the PSU. Tell us the make/model and the ratings associated with the 12V rail(s).
  6. I thought that too actually, but the shiny high-specs+price drew me towards them :p So if I were to buy that PSU then this proposed set-up would run without a hitch, right? I'm just wondering whether it would really be worth upgrading just for an extra 50 watts, or whether I might just get the GTX 550 Ti instead, which only asks for 400W... That should work fine on my current PSU regardless of whatever make it is, right? My resolution is only 1024x768, so the 560 Ti was probably a bit over-kill anyway.

    My case is screwed shut and my screwdrivers are hidden away in the loft somewhere at the moment (not especially clever on my part, but there we are xD), so I'm afraid I can't really find out straight away... I'm leaving on holiday tomorrow as well, so I probably won't be able to find out the PSU's details for at least 8ish days.
  7. 1024x768.......... ??? 550 is fine. haven't heard that res mentioned in a coons age.
  8. Heh, yeah well it's a pretty ancient one, but at least it works xD So that card shouldn't have any danger of my system crashing out or anything like that with my current PSU then? :D
  9. JugglingTheComputer said:
    Heh, yeah well it's a pretty ancient one, but at least it works xD So that card shouldn't have any danger of my system crashing out or anything like that with my current PSU then? :D

    If it's from IBuypower chances are it's an Xgamer or some similar crap that should never disgrace the inside of a computer case
  10. Well I actually bought it from some people called "bmz-computers" off of Ebay so I don't know if it'd be one of those or not. Somehow I can't see it being too great a one though...

    Okay, so I looked up the specs for my current graphics card (a Radeon HD 5450 1Gb), and it turns out that it also asks for 400W. Seeing as it runs fine, that means the 550 Ti should be able to run fine as well... Right? And thank you all so much, you've been a massive help for somebody like me that doesn't have any real clue what they're doing :p
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