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Hi maybe you guys can help i've been shopping around for a graphics card for my pc my girlfriend wants me to get her the sims 3 but when i try to play it i cant because my graphics card does not support pixel shading 2.0 so time to upgrade... Now to the problem i have no idea how to go about buying one and need some recommendations so here is a list of my pc's specs

Dell Optiplex GX270 (SFF)
P4 2.8GHZ Processor
Both AGP and PCI are supported
My Power Supply Wattage is horrible at 160W
System Clock is 400MHZ [...] /specs.htm heres the link for my pc specs.

my budget ranges from $0-$60 I dont really wanna go broke and dont like her that much if you know what i mean. Thank you all in advance :)
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  1. i've been looking around and if any one cares to share their knowledge would this be a good cheap choice i dont know if DDR matters in this case but i only need 128mb to run the game
  2. yeah definetly that would be perfect will it matter that my computer uses DDR ram and not DDR2 though?
  3. well thank you very much i appreciate the help and willingness to do so :)
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