Final build, last thread.. so please help for 1 last time.pls.

guys, please bear with me... this would be my last time in tomshardware lol, coz...anyways.. long story. haha

so, for the last time....

Approximate Purchase Date: Next month=June

Budget Range: 0-$620 or 26300 php ( based in the philippines)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Playing demanding games/maxing out@eyecandy, overclock, stream HD movies.

Parts Not Required:

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (shown in parts preferences)


Parts Preferences: PROCESSOR : CORE I3 2100 @ 3.1GHZ -




POWERSUPPLY : Enermax NAXN Tomahawk II Series 500w PSU (500watts) -

CASING : emaxx rebel gaming case -

CAMERA : Across SP-288 8.0MP 6LED Webcam

WLAN : Wireless G Intex IT-ULC-21 USB Adapter

HDD : SSATA 250GIG Seagate/WD 7200rpm

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1360x768

Additional Comments: I might prefer to a pc with no casing, just put it around..... or is it okay without case?

so that's it , so please let me ask you some questions :

1) Is it possible to max out all games @1360x768 resolution?
2) Is my psu capable?
3) Any additional recommendations regarding my setup?
4) Any flaws in my setup? please tell me if something is wrong
5) Is it okay to use a casing? if yes, should i buy the expensive one?
6) Im using a pci 2.0 capable motherboard is it okay to put my 7850 which is a pci 3?

so, please help... this would be my last and im giving it all :D.. thanks and thank you so much.
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  1. Personally I wouldn't recommend ECS mobo's, they are the worst of the worst.
    I recommend Asrock H61 as a quality budget board.

    I would also recommend getting i3-2120 over 2100, it's usually only a few dollars more. If it's more than $10 more, don't bother the 2100 is capable.

    Also that psu is horrible. See if you can find Antec Earthwatts 430w or CorsairCX400.

    You don't need a case, but I mean really? You can find a cheap case for around $25.

    Yes I know you live in the Phillipines, I'm just giving you an example.
  2. what happens when if you have a bad mobo? pc failure?

    ..... and oh just 430W is it enough? i read about the min requirements of the HD 7850 needs a 500W or greater.
  3. Actually a 380w is fine, I was just giving you some headroom for a future cpu upgrade.

    I'm running a 380w and my video card uses about 50w more than the 7850.

    A bad mobo is a bad mobo, it's like having a bad engine on your car.
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