Stupid Question: Which direction to face PSU. Optimal Air Flow/Perform

Hey guys! I just got a new case and noticed that the PSU area is on the bottom and has a vent, but the side where the screws are place has two sets of patterns to mount the PSU upward (fan blowing into case) or downward (fan blowing out the bottom)

Which of these two would be ideal for performance/cooling? I was think it should blow out the bttom but then again I relized that I have no intake fans just exhaust fans at the top.

Just wanted to know, thanks!
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  1. It doesn't really matter, honestly. Either way is fine.

    If there's a filter on the vent, and you have the case sitting on a desk (or hard surface), I personally would mount it fan down. The fan is an intake fan, by the way, so it wouldn't really help cooling too much to have it fan side up, since heat rises. Wouldn't really hurt anything, either, though.
  2. Yeah, it's an intake fan. Air blows out of the power button panel. I think you'll get cooler air if the fan faces the outside, especially the floor, where the air will be coolest. There's the dust issue, but like Decibel said, if you have a filter that would take care of that issue. Not sure of your exact case, but if the PSU if facing interior you'll also suck up CPU/Mobo heat, and the PSU fan might spin louder.
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