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Upgrade cpu or gpu

Hi guys I'm actually a bit short of money and i got two options:

upgrade my system from 965@3.8ghz to 3570k without oc and moderate oc in heavy games

upgrade my 6950 2gb to 7950 and buy a SSD

All i do is gaming and homework's from college and sometimes got a bit of stuttering in dota 2, my fav game and notice the same when some Internet pages are opened.

My current specs:

Phenom 965be@3.8ghz
Asus M4A88T-V
Crucial ballistix tracer red 2x2gb 1600mhz
Samsung F3 1tb
X-FI Xtremegamer Fatal1ty Champion
Samsung 226BW 1680x1050
XFX 6950 2gb, bought on 2010 so it can be flashed to 6970

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    For your resolution you will most likely gain more from the CPU upgrade. I personally would though just upgrade to a SSD, with your budget you can easily get a 240-256GB one.
  2. Nuh-uh. This SSD nonsense is just nonsense. Get EBoostr or something.

    Upgrade your CPU. Your GPU is killer.
  3. thanks huys
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